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Discover, Clarify, and Refine Your Purpose

We help our clients discover, clarify, and refine their purpose through work and partnership that increases effectiveness through collaborations that empower clients to progress in their field. 

Connections Multiplied | Working | Women of Color


With the lens of racial equity, Connections Multiplied helps its clients build capacity by employing our keystone services that we know lead to promotion and maximization of impact. It is in following this methodology that clients achieve or enhance prominence leading to growth in the communities served.

Strategic Planning

At Connections Multiplied, we work with agencies to traverse the important decisions they need to make to multiply their impact and influence in the sector. Our strategic planning process centers stakeholders and decision makers in the process of exploring future pathways, identifying goals, and mapping out tactics. Tailored to the size, budget, and scope of any organization or team, our team can set you on a path to delivering programs based on best practices and sourcing the funding required now and in the future.

Program Development

Connections Multiplied brings a methodology and years of experience in research, cross-collaborative engagement, project management, program planning, and case for support development that ensures your program becomes the fabric of an organization.

Collective Impact

Impact in communities is overwhelmingly driven by nonprofits, often with the demands and needs of families outpacing the supply of available resources. Connections Multiplied specializes in cross-collaborative efforts, bringing together organizations, teams, agencies, etc., across the nonprofit sector to achieve a common goal and meet the needs of community members at scale.

Meeting & 
Program Facilitation

Connections Multiplied supports organizations and leaders in designing agendas around objectives and providing facilitation that maintain course, is fully participative and informative on meeting topics, and helps resolve issues. 

Board Training

Offering interactive in-person training to assist Boards to better understand their legal and fiduciary responsibilities, Connections Multiplied provides support to organizations looking to propel Boards forward in their leadership roles. Training opportunities include Board Recruitment and Development, Running Effective Meetings, Infrastructure Development, Fundraising Training and Implementation, Racial Equity and Board Engagement and Strategic Planning. In addition to training, this service can be expanded to include a Board Assessment including document review(s), Board interviews, and meeting assessments.

Racial Equity Training, Coaching & 

Connections Multiplied offers training, coaching and policy implementation support for organizations to do the personal and institutional work required to build an equitable workplace. All trainings are customized to the needs of the organization.

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