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Strategically guiding and coaching leaders and organizations in the development, implementation and funding of innovative initiatives.

Connections Multiplied | Errika Flood Moultrie


Errika Flood Moultrie is the founder of Connections Multiplied (formerly ConnectThree), which works to connect people and nonprofit organizations to the resources they need to be successful. An experienced consultant and coach with extensive knowledge in nonprofit management, program and fund development, capacity building and leadership development, she holds a master’s degree in organizational management from Dallas Baptist University. Having held key leadership positions in top national, local and regional agencies of the nonprofit sector. She does the work to fulfill her passion for empowering nonprofit leaders to pursue personal purpose while leading with visionary excellence. With more than 30 years of related experience in coaching, leading, innovating and designing programs for the nonprofit sector, Errika intimately understands the challenges and opportunities in this space. Having designed the innovative Black Women in Nonprofit Leadership cohort in 2019, Errika has led dozens of Black women to find their voice, to achieve promotions and pay increases, and to use their power to change their communities.  ​Errika has served in many leadership roles to include National Field Director for the American Diabetes Association, Director of Community Engagement for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, and Senior Director of Marketing & Public Relations for the Dallas Black Dance Theatre. She is known as a “connection catalyst,” equipped with the ability to guide and counsel leaders and organizations in the development, implementation and funding for innovative initiatives. As National Director for the American Diabetes Association, for example, Errika developed and implemented national programming that brought together faith-based organizations from across the nation to proactively provide education, health screenings and preventive services that saved thousands of lives.  As a consultant with more than 10 years of providing facilitation, project management and strategic design for moving organizations through their organizational equity planning and implementation, Errika led the development of the W.W. Kellogg Foundation funded Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation efforts in Dallas.  As the chief architect for the local initiative, she was responsible for facilitation of the donor collaboration seeking support, writing the grant to gain support from Kellogg. She led the project direction for the $1.5 million effort in Dallas for six years. It is in this role that she leveraged her experience, passion and connection to the nonprofit sector to lead infrastructure development, community engagement and facilitation and training for the Racial Equity Now Cohort.  The 16-agency cohort focuses on supporting, educating and building capacity for the community on the necessity of racial equity and policy implementation. This 18-month cohort program, the first of its kind in Dallas, is designed to provide organizations with training and information sharing, case study presentations, policy review and development, and outcomes development.  Her work with various agencies throughout her career also motivated her to develop a new generation of leaders who think critically, act courageously and work collaboratively in the ever-changing and highly competitive nonprofit arena. Consequently, Connections Multiplied (formerly ConnectThree) not only provides innovative strategies for agencies, but professional networks that produce high-performing professionals who reflect the communities that they serve.  Errika is fully engaged in her community and serves on various boards and within her church. She and her husband, Greg, are the proud parents of a beautiful daughter, Sydney, a vivacious 100-pound Rottweiler puppy, Orion and reside in the Desoto, Texas.

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There is nothing like spending time in community with others, exchanging our best stories and unpacking the challenges of our complicated world. The conversations, relationships, and challenges shared by communities are partners are what help me craft messages and strategies that can inform or transform the lives of everyone I connect with.. As a military brat, I was raised to learn to make friends quickly and speak up, and this has become my superpower.


Speaking engagements are all tailored to the audience and topic requested. There is no one size fits all, audiences change from place to place or organization to organization. 


Among the many topics that I cover as a speaker and facilitator, my favorites are: 

  • Leading in a multigenerational workforce

  • Motivating and coaching teams

  • Change in the world of… 

  • Board leadership for the next generation of philanthropic leaders

  • Black Women in Leadership

  • Allyship

  • Courageous Conversations

  • Black Philanthropy


And yet, my best and all-time favorite? Your topic. Let’s talk about what you need, your experiences, and the challenges that stand before you. Allow me to break them down and help you start anew. Remember: Military brat with the gift of loquaciousness with purpose (that was on my third grade report card, it wasn’t good at the time). Let’s talk.

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